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More than language

ICan English


Vocational English is a tutoring service catered to the needs of adult immigrants who are seeking new vocations in Canada. Rather than only teaching clients how to get the job, we teach them how to get the job and keep it.

Each client will have a custom-made program catered to their specific needs. Services we offer include job search education and assistance, resume building education and assistance, as well as coaching on how to have successful job interviews. All classes come in an ESL friendly style that teaches relevant grammar and language along the way, giving the students the confidence that their native language will not be a heavy barrier blocking their employment.

Upon learning what vocations students desire they will be taught vocabularies and they will practice dialogues directly related to these vocations, students will also practice essential on the jobs skills like learning how to address a problem at work and how to work as a team using English. Students will also learn English related to common on the job tasks like when working on computers, taking zoom meetings, and writing emails.

On the legal side students will be taught their rights under the Canadian Labor Laws and how to understand a work contract. They will also be taught listening and speaking techniques like focused listening and accent reductions to help their communication abilities once hired.


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