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The ICan Writing course teaches students essay writing and stories. Our teachers create fun activities out of materials which make practicing a student’s writing and vocabulary feel like play. Students also get direct, detailed, and encouraging personal feedback on their homework every week which gives them the upmost opportunity to improve and gain more and more confidence in their writing.

With the ICan writing program students have two course options the Academic Program, and the Academic and Novel Writing program.

n the Academic Program students will be able to turn unfocused writing into A grade assignments with systematic lessons that go from basic to advanced techniques all the way from correct basic sentence creation to the writing of full stories, essays, and articles.

The Academic and Novel Writing Program is a one-of-a-kind program where, in addition to studying academically, students are taught how to write a novel, by asking them to do it. After consulting with their teacher, students learn how to lay the foundation of a novel and then, once they start writing, the novel content is reviewed with teacher feedback class by class. By the end of the course the student will not only have an enormous amount of writing practice, but will also have a novel to talk about, share, and sell.


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