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More than language

ICan English


Young students of speaking and conversation are given interactive playful lessons with new vocabulary, phrases, and games. Our teachers are there to help guide their pronunciation, correct their mistakes, and to create as much conversation as they can from what the student has given them. Over time students get more confident and comfortable with the English language, and this confidence and comfort with conversation, pronunciation, and vocabulary is what they will need when they interact with native English speakers in the outside world.

Mid-level and more advanced students use an interactive but less
playful program which is more based on the conversational  aspect of English. Along with grammar, the students are regularly prompted by the course material to speak on the different subjects introduced. Each lesson begins with a regular chat with their teacher about whatever they want to talk about that day, just as you might chat with a friend or family member to go to visit. In these lessons students are likely to be taught new vocabulary in the context of these conversations that the teacher will introduce themselves, because the teachers know that these words fit with what the student is wishing to speak about. This kind of teaching gives students the confidence to speak about anything they want to, going beyond what the textbooks have to teach them, which, again, is a really essential confidence for when they speak to native English speakers in the outside world.

The speaking program is our longest running program and has been treasured by many students over the years. Our teachers are very friendly and encouraging, and so, instead of feeling like they have another lesson to do today, the students start to feel excited because they are finally going to see their English speaking friend again!

In addition to the ESL English we have FSL French based on the same philosophies and values as the English program. Our native French speaking teachers teach Canadian French for beginner
and intermediate students.


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